3 years ago

Returned A Fan and They Did Not Refund My Credit Card for 625 Dollars

***BUYER BEWARE*** Whatever you do, don't come to Fanco. They are full of liars, cheaters and poor customer service. Consider this a public service announcement of a bad company ripping off residents of Las Vegas. Do not come here and purchase a fan or fixture. The manager Jim is a crook and preys on the weak, but made a mistake by barking up the wrong tree. I purchased a fan on Saturday, had it installed by an electrician on Sunday and the fan did not operate. I called the Fanco management and explained that the fan did not work and I wanted to return or exchange it for an operable fan. They refused the return stating that I would have to speak with the manufacturer and once I left the store with the fan, it was no longer their problem. Keeping the story short, the manager threatened legal action against me when I told him that I would be contacting my credit card company to get the fan credited. I brought the fan back on Monday and there was no manager there, so I was able to return the fan for "diagnostics." I never heard from Fanco again until I received a threatening letter in the mail. To date, I have no fan and Fanco threatening to send me to collections and fighting the dispute with my credit card. They have the product and my money and are now literally trying to scam me out of $625. Steer clear of this place and go buy from a reputable business that is willing to back their products. The reason retail stores are dying are because of Managers like Jim that scam consumers and hide behind crappy policies, empty threats, and piss poor customer service. You won't win this battle Fanco or Jim. Remember, people expect good customer service and this problem could have been resolved with a simple solution of an exchange or refund. Instead, now you will fill out paperwork for 20 hours and have to answer every consumer protection agency. Keep mailing out your advertisements to my house. It reminds me to go let everyone know what a terrible business you have.

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