6 months ago

A neighbour recommended Eamon to me at the beginning of June. He was recommended as someone who did a good job at a fair price, so I thought I would try to engage his services. Initially, Eamon was great: we set up a time that worked for both of us and he popped over to take a look and give a high level estimate. He promptly followed up with a text message with estimates as discussed. From there we expanded the remit of the conversation into a complete garden makeover. Eamon even dropped over few catalogues for us to make our selections on 9 of June. It was from that point on that my experience changed. Eamon was initially full of good intentions, promising to call over the weekend of the 12 of June. Unfortunately, Eamon was a no show for this meeting and didn鈥檛 contact me to offer any excuses. I contacted Eamon again on the 16 of June; was again promised a weekend visit, only to be again let down. As with the last time, Eamon again failed to contact me to offer any kind of explanation or apology. I contacted Eamon again (I realise how many times the word 鈥榓gain鈥?word is appearing in this review鈥 hope, if you are reading this, so do you) on the 22 of June; this communication was ignored. When Eamon did make contact, it was in a manner which was less than ideal: I received a text message on the morning of Sunday 28 June, twenty minutes after which Eamon called to my door. Having received only twenty minutes notice via a text message which I didn鈥檛 actually see at the time, I was, unfortunately, not in a position to receive Eamon. I contacted him again about rescheduling on 1 of July; I received no response until 17 of July. To his credit, Eamon apologised for the lack of contact and promised to be out the following day. Needless to say at this point, Eamon again (!!!) failed to turn up or to explain the why of his absence. It is now 18 of August, and Eamon has received several more text messages and phone calls, all asking him politely to get in touch. All have gone unanswered. I wish I could recommend Fancourt Gardening but such an experience (or lack thereof) makes any such recommendation impossible. I would move on to another landscaper if you are reading this looking for a contractor with whom you can actually communicate.

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