2 months ago

Like the previous reviewer I wish I could give this company a 鈥榤inus鈥?star figure. We too ordered 鈥榯he real elements鈥?periodic table only to receive a complete and utter fake with photo鈥檚 instead of elements. We too checked the ad and it showed real elements and states it contains real elements. When contact we were told customs removed the element. It was just shocking. We too were also offered 20% discount which was just a joke! Please avoid avoid avoid!

Ps the website has now been taken down but the payment came through with 鈥榞ood purchase鈥?as the reference and seller name : 鑻忓窞鏂囦箣閮藉晢璐告湁闄愬叕鍙?translated to Suzhou Wenzhidu Trading Co., Ltd.


2 months ago

If I could give a zero to this company I would. This is a company who will scam you.

I ordered av periodic table in some kind of glass imitation with embedded real elements. As I had tried to buy a similar product from another company earlier (Fairyseason), but missed that it only had pictures instead of real element examples, I carefully looked through the ad at Fancyland to really confirm that it had samples of elements and not just a print. In the ad there were pictures of the periodic table from both front and side showing small parts/samples of every element inside of it. In the product description they also described how they had put the elements inside.

When I received the periodic table though, it only had printed pictures and when I went back to the ad they had actually put in an extra picture in the ad saying it was only a table with mosaic picture print of the elements! I contacted the company and this was their exact response: "hello! I'm sorry to give you a bad shopping experience, because some real elements are difficult to obtain and precious, and there is no channel to sell them. If they are found, they may be detained by the customs, so you are allowed to receive the element list of the stickers. please understand. If you keep it, we can give you a partial refund." I answered that I wanted a full refund but they answered that I then had to pay 拢25 fort the shipping cost and offered to send a refund of 20 %.

Now they have actually taken down the whole ad and site. I'm so angry, do not buy this if you expect any kind of quality products or receiving what you thought you ordered. I also suspect that this is the same company as Fairyseason due to the type of conversation I had with both companies.

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