7 months ago

We purchased a pet through this website…. owner was very responsive via email throughout the process sending us pics and videos.. on the 9th sent us shipping infomation once the payment cleared and then fell silent. We were contacted by a 'shipping" agent next and advised that due to due, the shipping deposit had to be provided but would be refunded once teh kitten arrived safe and was not found to be ill. My wife and i drove to the airport to pick up "zeus", only to find that he was not on the flight… we were VERY worried and called delta baggage cargo and we find that that due to covid-19, teh airline is shipping NO pets at this time from anywhere. This proves that not only did the website fraudulently steal our $1100 dollars, they also had an accomplice contact us from a "shipping insurance" company to take an additional $583 from us for that. The shipping billing party is in Brussels, so to me, the amounts of the fraud, the across state line sale, and the international shipping billing, this shgould qualify as a federal crime.


9 months ago

Went to Fancy Maine Coons to buy a kitten

Went to Fancy Maine Coons to buy a kitten. Gave whoever $1,100. Then gave $500 for breeders right. Then whoever whated $980 for flight insurance. That was to be refundable. After the last money sent, all communication stopped.


1 year ago


Me and my girlfriend was looking for a cat we order it from when we order we sent them the money, then when he ship he kept asking for 950 for renting animal travel box, then ask more for animal insurance that was about 960 when we went to the airport there was nothing they said there was no animal in the flight. We tried to contact them and they said the animal is delay otw and ask another 950 and then it was to late we new it was a scam.

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