5 years ago

This has happened twice to me. Today I am high bid. Goes o. Oo. And then says checking and someone else bid pops up……so I carry on bidding and gets to 0 I hit bid dosent take it and other person wins it… set rules on when it finishes. So some guy that controls the website is deciding when to end it…wrote them a scathing letter lol. Should do wonders


9 years ago

The second day I tried to log in the site said invalid user name or password. I tried many times and never got a email to reset. Emailed customer service and never heard from them. They have my money and I have nothing. Really dumb to have tried it.


10 years ago

What a rip off. The bid is supposed to end at zero and they continue to let others bid. Website has functionality problems as well as the worst customer service. Called twice was told a supervisor would call me back no call back ever. Emailed 3 times no response. With the money I spent buying bids I could have purchased the item at a retail store. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS RIP OFF SITE. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN. SERIOUSLY STAY AWAY!!!!!!!


10 years ago

yet one of the 1000s of penny auction sites that now exist in the world. Someone wanted a review of this site so I decided to put my 2 pennies in 😛 All penny auction sites are very similar to slot machines…not a scam, but not really going to get you the item you are dreaming of. Just becareful and know what you are getting into….I do think these sites can be fun but just be wary of what you are doing. I like to play slot machines too…same thing.

read what rich johnson wrote

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