1 year ago

This is my true and honest unfortunate testimony regarding my Fandango experience.
Saturday night January 11th 2020 I purchased 3 movie tickets through Fandango. I would normally use Fandango because this app allows me to conviently choose my seats in the theater before arriving there. There is a fee for that convenience also but if you want decent seating I figured why not. I paid seating for 3 adults which came to about 46.00 the film I selected seems to not have great reviews. So I decided to seek another movie within perhaps like 15 minutes from my previous purchase. So I bought 3 more tickets for another film starting around the same time. I didn't know how to do a cancellation on the app and my showing times were getting close. So I figured I'd go to the theater and they will scan the movie ticket app on my phone for the movie we DO want to see and they will also cancel out the other movie (we do not wish to see) and refund my money. The theater staff told me they could not do that and I would have to contact the 3rd party (Fandango) company in order to do this. I am extremely upset by this! I seek all over the app for a phone number for Fandango and there is NONE. I had to Google search a phone number for Fandango and then I found one. I called them and by this time both movies ( the one I wanted to see and the one I did not want to see) has started. Needless to say I wasn't watching either movie because I am now in the theater hallway on a 25 minute HOLD with Fandango! When I finally spoke to a Fandango representative, I am told unfortunately THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR ME! No matter how much I explained my situation, begged for a little compensation of some sort (whether it be an exchange, spare tickets, another movie pass even if it's half off OR even free popcorn, refills I mean ANYTHING…..? THEY TOLD ME NO. So basically I couldn't reach them before the movie started so therefore I am assed OUT! I spoke to the so called Manager there and he gave me the same sad ugly story! I went as far as to plead with the theater team staff where I went. They wouldn't offer me anything either! Not even a damn free refill. I lost 46.00 FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON! This is EXTREMELY UNFAIR and a major inconvenience for any movie goer! Movies are way too expensive today to be losing any amount of money. Even if it was just 5 dollars, the principal of the matter is just not right!
Fandango will No Longer receive any business from me this point on! I am HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED with their service and will be sending this story to EVERYONE! I am deleting the app and will share with the world of movie goers (and I know a lot of them) my Very unfortunate story. I may dedicate the rest of this year doing this!


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