2 months ago

I have found multiple friends on this website that have the same interests as I do. The only problem I have with it is that the advertising for wikis and pages is very… strange? Unorganized? I wouldn't know what words to describe it. Advertisements on here are always for the more unpopular pages, and unpopular pages are usually pages that aren't well built or just straight up breaking the rules of the wiki. Other than that, great for any fandom you love!


6 months ago

All this website has is a dark screen with a cheaters or inappropriate advertisement. What's the point of having a website that only shows "ad closed by google" in the center? It literally shows ads and no other content and it happens no matter what kind of phone you have.


2 years ago

When Wikipedia treated me like garbage, I came here to edit. It worked out. The admin are super friendly and kind. The never gave me any lip and it's almost easy to use. Sure some things are hard, but I can safely say this is one of the best wikis I've been to.

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