9 months ago

I found Fangamer looking for a PS4 version of the game Undertale. At first, I thought Fangamer looked possibly a bit sketchy (maybe I'm just too skeptical). However, I checked Undertale's website, and it linked straight to Fangamer. After reading some reviews, the site seemed credible. I purchased the game that day, and it arrived fairly quickly, along with some cute stickers, which I was not expecting. Unlike many sites you purchase from, Fangamer never sent me any annoying emails. They just sent me exactly what I asked for in a timely manner, and that was that. I appreciate that. And they have cute little tokens, items, memorabilia, etc. perfect for any video game nerds. While their stock online seems somewhat limited, I love this store, and will most likely be buying from them again. Thanks Fangamer!

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