3 years ago

FanGraphs is a good resource overall, but their site can be buggy and doesn't always work as intended.

Baseball Prospectus lacks the depth you'll find on FanGraphs, but the site is more reliable.


7 years ago

Fangraphs has a collection of some of the best baseball writers (young and old) around. They write excellent columns and analyses of current baseball events, and they have a collection of stats that is unrivaled by anyone. I go here for all of my baseball news instead of ESPN, which I find to be biased and, on occasion, guilty of ridiculously bad journalism. If you're a baseball fan, and you like statistics, I would highly recommend going to Fangraphs, if only to look around.


8 years ago

Safe site


10 years ago

Great site for baseball stats, especially sabermetrics.


12 years ago

best free fantasy sports info out there. combines both free and pay info all for free.

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