3 months ago

I am extremely disappointed with the pair of black size 7 boots I ordered from your website. (1) They are misshapen at the top, (I don鈥檛 know whether this is because they were not boxed only wrapped in a plastic bag and had got bashed around in the post). (2) They were not black as advertised, but a horrible mottled brown colour. (3) After a 3.25 mile walk this afternoon the sole has come away from the side, which will certainly render them unwaterproof and not fit for purpose. Please see photographs attached. I am therefore requesting a full refund.

Their reply:

Hi Eddie Woos,
We need you to return the product before we can refund it to you,
But we do not include the shipping cost you return to China. You need to return it at your own expense.
Due to the high shipping cost, I hope you can consider our compensation plan, I can help you apply for compensation of 5GBP
Please advise.
Thank you!

My reply:

Dear Lynn W

I will only accept a full refund of 拢36.99 as the boots are not fit for purpose.

Kind regards

Their reply:

Your shoes are already worn, sorry we cannot refund the full amount


3 months ago

Would leave 0 stars if possible. Beware … This company will take your money and deliver poor quality goods which have no resemblance to those used to advertise the products. The company will not honour their returns process, now suggesting that customers must pay to return the goods to China before any refunds will be considered.
Any negative Facebook posts are deleted and customers are now being blocked.

Avoid this company at all costs.

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