1 year ago

Like the last reviewer has said this site is a scam. Been waiting for 4 weeks for tickets. Have followed the procedures on their website but they do not answer emails. The site is run by Eventim and they both share the same customer hotline on their respective websites but when you ring up they claim that they have nothing to do with Fansale (even though it is operated by them). Avoid at all costs as this is a Scam!!


1 year ago

I bought a ticket to a concert last Wednesday. I paid immediately and contacted the seller to check if they will send the ticket quickly as the concert was in a week time.
They wrote back a day later staying that apparently they cannot send it until a few days later due to some issues with the delivery company.
It's been 6 days now and tomorrow is the concert but I have only been informed that the delivery postage note has been printed by the seller but the package with the ticket has not been sent off yet.
There's no way I will get it on time, IF I ever get this ticket.
It's obviously a scam. Avoid, avoid, avoid.


1 year ago

Avoid this website.

I'm the friend of Lucas who bought his ticket. I can't say anything more than he already said, i'm having so much problems with this website so for your safety just avoid it, it can't be an honest website, they just want to steal your money.


1 year ago


I bought a ticket for a concert on this website, and I had a problem so I can't go to this concert. First problem, I took an insurance because I knew I wasn't sure to be able to go to this concert, so I asked a refund thinking I will have no problems because of the insurance; first problem : this insurance is usable only if you have medical problem and can't go to the concert.

So I found a friend who wants to go there. I sell it to him via fansale, they told him he has to wait up to 4 weeks to get a re personalized ticket; that's long but okay, why not. It's been more than 4 weeks now, and he still has nothing. He asked the customer service, they told him he already received it which is wrong (he checked tones of times his e-mail and his spams), now he is struggling to find someone who can just send his ticket that he bought absolutely normally and honestly.

I'm 99% that this website is trying to rip off him, so NEVER USE THIS WEBSITE !


10 years ago


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