1 week ago

Look out for rosiecutie, fantasaylady, emmandemma, followtrendy, angeldisco, elluta designs. Just what I found so far. These are all the same company which is CHINATERA. They steal images from legitimate hardworking designers and pass them off as their own. What you receive if you receive anything will be a cheap knock off.
They鈥檙e all over Amazon, eBay, wish, AliExpress and now I see them advertising on Facebook. If you do a reverse image search on their items you will find the real items.


2 months ago

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!! It's a total scam!!! I received a completely different item than I ordered, and what I DID get was SO CHEAP, POOR QUALITY, no one would want to wear it!!! They are just scamming everyone out of their money! DON'T DO IT!!!


4 months ago

Only got 3 out of 4 of the clothes I ordered
And the ones that did come in were completely different than what they were spposed to be
And the links on their website don't link to their social medias anymore!


4 months ago

clothes came but they were completely wrong colors were off and some i ordered with print and arrived without any print… at least the sizes were right but overall DO NOT TRUST

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