5 months ago

We are cutting our one week stay at the Flagship in Atlantic City by one day because of our disappointments. As we were packing up my family decided to order a simple large pizza with two toppings an hour later 15 minutes before closing we are still waiting for our pizza since it had to be returned because it was not prepared as order. As we wait for the pizza we are still processing the poor attitude from the staff. So let's go back to day one the customer service at the front counter before and upon arrival was horrible this should have been our first clues. The parking garage was tight and spaces closed together, the door from the garage into the building was secured and the key card wouldn't open it, we did report it. We landed on the 10th floor the elevator was very slow, the carpeting beyond the first floor was dirty, disclosing and worn. The lock to the rooms are very old fashioned. As you enter the spacious room the beautiful views are distorted by the dirty windows, dirty old blue drapes, the furniture old from past centuries and the patio door unsecured and unable to be locked. The air conditioning units are also old, not efficient and from past centuries, which we also reported. The carpeting throughout the room was discoloring and not cleaned. The internet service was slow and nonexistent when we called the front desk the clerk stated it is slow and provided no resolution as we finalize our departure plan the dusk in the room as unbearable so try not to move things around. A potential resort close to the ocean and the boardwalk with a false lobby appearance and terrible service from beginning to end.

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