Fantastic Furniture

4 months ago

Bad experience, bought a desk, came to assembling – scratched. Multiple emails and calls – contact your local store. No answer. I gave up on the warranty and will not be buying this chinese rubbish from them again.


5 months ago

I was going to buy a sofa and I rang them to answer a couple questions, but their customer service have no product knowledge. Changed my mind immediately about ordering online from them.


5 months ago

I expected a 3/4 week wait, but I am still waiting on parts 3 months later. FF is a multiple level customer service 4 online purchases with each knowing nothing or passing any information on. I have made more phone calls that I care to count just trying to get the next lie on when things are due or getting delivered. When I make many of my calls with instructions that I can鈥檛 receive good at certain times or days due to being a school my next delivery sms arrives with all times being wend or after hours. I will look around at other options before thinking about ff. Good luck if you buy online.


10 months ago

I highly recommend you check out Fantastic Furniture if you are looking for any items for your home. I buy as much as I can from Fantastic for both our home and our beach shack. The items are always good quality and the service is second to none. I have bought from Fantastic Furniture stores in Toowoomba, Rockhampton and Burleigh Heads and have always received excellent customer service. I would like to give a special wrap to the team at the Burleigh Heads store. Wow! They excel in client care. Thanks to you all.


11 months ago

Becareful of buying furniture of this company. Bought a lounge suite of them got rid of it in 2 years. Gave it to my daughter for the kids playroom. Thats all it was good for.

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