Fantasy Lenses

10 months ago

I never recieved my product. Customer service ignored all my requests, so would recommend people to stay away.

Should probably be classified as scam.


Fantasy Lenses reported my review as false as they did not believe me. Trustpilot has received propper documentation for my purchase.


6 years ago

On the 11th of October I ordered some contact lenses from this site for a halloween costume. I paid extra for express post because I needed these lenses by October 25th as I was going to Tivoli's 'Monster's Night Out' event that day. Express post said I would receive my product in about 2 working days.

By the 22nd I had still not received my lenses, and was concerned. I wrote to customer service regarding my order and was told in response that my order had been posted and should be with me shortly (in a regular envelope). I asked if they could tell me what date my lenses were sent and was told that they do not keep record of this information. After this I went and checked my receipt to be sure my address and contact details were all correct, which they were. By October 30th I still had not received my lenses, so they were too late for the event I bought them for. I contacted Fantasy Lenses again and said that I would wait another week, to give them the benefit of the doubt in case the post service was the problem, but after a week I would be requesting a full refund including for express postage costs.

They never replied. I thought this was very rude, and the week went past without any response or any sign of my lenses. I wrote again on the 10th of November, nearly a month after I made my order, and asked politely for a refund. Still to this day no reply. I know that I am contacting them on the correct email for customer service because it is the same one I used when they replied to me earlier. I have now given up on this company returning the money to me after I did not receive what I paid for, and am in the process of contacting paypal directly to see if I can claim the money back from them directly.

Fantasy-Lenses is an unreliable company that outright ignores their customers who ask for refunds with a valid reason. I have proof of all correspondence I have had with customer service, and the emails I sent that received no response, so if the company tries to claim that I am lying I can back up everything I have said here. My advice is NEVER buy lenses or anything else from here, I will never be doing business with them again for future events. I wish I didn't have to give this company even one star as their actions (or lack of actions) have been completely unacceptable.

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