Fantasy Of Flight

2 years ago

Kermit Weeks, founder of 鈥淔antasy of Flight鈥?(FOF), has such a hard job. He must decide which of these beautifully restored aircraft to fly on any particular day. My sarcasm aside, here鈥檚 an excerpt of his bio:
鈥淔or Fantasy of Flight founder Kermit Weeks, the opening of his aviation-themed attraction has been a natural extension of a lifelong, unbounded passion for aviation and aircraft. Weeks has been involved in aviation since his childhood and, throughout his life, has also maintained a fascination with the worlds around us we don鈥檛 see. His enthusiasm for furthering public interest in aviation has never stopped growing. A skilled aerobatics competitor and aircraft designer, Weeks has earned acclaim both for his accomplishments in the air as an aviator, and on the ground for his technical ability to build aircraft and his promotion of aviation and vintage aircraft restoration.鈥?br />

His bio is lengthier and very impressive in my opinion. I encourage everyone to read further on the FOF Website. I believe you鈥檒l also agree that his life鈥檚 story is an open-architecture. Besides being one of the most privileged pilots in America, he鈥檚 very community minded in his approach to aviation. He and his staff are not just turn-key curators. They preside over an interactive educational experience. I even found some of Kermit鈥檚 aviation intro books for children on 鈥淎mazon.鈥?My mechanical, behind the scenes curiosities were satiated as well. There鈥檚 an elevated walkway that I could look down, through windows, into a variety of workshops showing the current restoration projects. This is a unique perspective I鈥檝e only seen in tech manuals. The walkway also provides an elevated view of the displays in the main Museum Hanger. If you want to validate the experience with souvenirs, there鈥檚 a well-stocked gift shop. Outside, the true plane nerd can see anything from a simple engine run-up test, to an actual flight. Kermit is an accomplished aerobatics pilot, but I鈥檝e not seen him try this in any of the rare Warbirds. I have heard of him doing a 鈥淲atermelon鈥?bombing run over the ocean in the B25, but I鈥檝e not confirmed that. FOF is a repeat activity for me. One and done isn鈥檛 enough for this aircraft experience. And, memberships are offered here too.

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