4 years ago

I "purchased" a Labrador retriever online from Fantasy Retrievers which is located in Waco, TX, according to their website. I paid for the puppy via Western Union. The puppy was to be shipped on Friday 9/16/16 but this did not happen because they, according to Thomas Madson, did not get all the paperwork done in time. On Saturday, 9/17/16, I received an email and a call from the shipping company, Tranzpet, indicating that I need to pay insurance, which was refundable, to cover the puppy in case it was injured or some other issue arose (Note that the seller never mentioned anything about insurance that had to be taken out). I paid for this insurance and was told the puppy would be on a flight on Saturday afternoon. Needles to say this did not happen and I received an email stating that the puppy would be shipped on Sunday. On Sunday, just as I arrived at the airport, I received a call and an email from Tranzpet saying that they had accidentally issued a refund check for $1000.00 more than they should have and that before I could take delivery of the puppy I would have to transfer the $1000.00 to them which I refused to do until I had taken delivery of the puppy. I realized at this point that I had been scammed but still went ahead and tried to locate the puppy at the airport. The airline said that no such puppy had been on the flight that had been given to me and after trying to locate the puppy for 2 hours we gave up. During this time I repeatedly tried calling and texting Fantasy Retrievers as well as Tranzpet but could get no reply. Both parties have now disappeared into thin air.

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