FantasyWorld Resort

2 years ago

Seen Various comments, I went to this resort on recommendation from a friend and i have to say i have a family of 6 and all loved every minute of there stay. We found the staff very helpful, had no issues with the accommodation. The only thing we did find was in November they were doing a lot of maintenance works but the guys were very good and it was minimal disruption.

This is not a high end place to have a holiday, but if you need a decent place on a budget i would highly recommend.

We have booked to return this year as a family of 5 and greatly looking forward to it.


3 years ago

So we looked around through our timeshare to swap it as we wanted to go to Disney this year with our family. We picked this hotel as it advertised a lazy river, 2 pools and slides. They do in fact have all of these things, but let me explain. I will start at the beginning. Check in on a Friday at 4:30 (they allow check in at 4 – They weren't ready for us. My wife went inside. Their checkin parking lot holds about 14 cars (2 of which are handicap), my wife was inside for about 20 minutes in which time I drove in circles until at about the 18 minute mark I found a parking space. She said that the room is unavailable yet, but we can park over by our room so when it comes available at 5 pm we can go in. We got there only to find out she was not given the parking pass they told her was required (keep in mind, our room should be ready by now). Back to the office we go. She has to ait inline again yet another 20 minutes to get the parking pass. The gentleman at the checkin told her he could get her one as soon as she walked through the door, but them proceeded to wait on everyone in front of her. Same situation with the checkin parking lot meanwhile for me, the kids and groceries that have now been sitting in the trunk of the car in August Florida weather (97 degrees, 91% humidity, feels like temp of 102) for about an hour. We get the pass, back to the room only to find out, they didn't give us our key as the room was not ready yet, so they didn't want us in there while the cleaning lady was finishing her job (we saw her as the door was open while she was in there – she was done by the time we got back with the parking pass). Back to the checkin office. Another 20 minute wait, you guessed it, same parking issue.

Finally get in the room around 5:30ish exhausted from our day of travel and melting as the AC is not working properly, it's at 78 while set to 70. Let's get unpacked and we'll call the front desk. Get upstairs, and the washer dryer combo is sitting in the middle of the hall with the door that they go behind off the hinges! closet door in the master bedroom does not open correctly. We call the front desk, they come look at the AC and say they'll fix the washer/dryer first thing the next day. We went to Disney that day and told them we would not be in the room until late afternoon or early evening. Do what you have to we only packed for 4 days knowing we could wash clothes. My son goes to climb into bed in the pull out couch, NO LINENS to be found. Call the front desk, half the stuff they give him is for a twin and his bed is a full. He makes due as it's 10 pm. Fast forward to the next day, wake up temp dropped to 75 overnight, still set at 70 degrees. Go to the park all day and get back, Washer/dryer still in the middle of the hall, temp is now 78 degrees, call the front desk. "We'll send someone right over". We are then told this room is closed and no one should be staying in it, we will move you first thing tomorrow. In the meantime, we will send someone over to look at the AC. Guy comes and sprays the AC with a spray he tells is "is junk spray and doesn't work" told us it will help, but not fix the problem, he'll be back tomorrow morning. We tell him, we'll be in the pool all day and around if they need us as they're supposed to move us.

Day 3: It gets worse…..we get to the pool, which I forgot to mention on Friday we found out all the water slides are shut down at 6. WHY?!?! Lazy river runs off the same water, so that's closed too. There are rules at the pool, no outside food or drink NO SMOKING….we find out these are more suggestions. people were smoking everywhere!!!!!!! it was disgusting. We rented a cabana and someone was already "squatting" in it. They kick the people out and we walk into chairs with soaking wet cushions. It's hot enough out. I place them in the sun, 30 minutes later dry and our cabanna smells like cigarettes (we don't smoke). The lazy river is a decent size for a resort, I've seen bigger, but it was a nice size. unfortunately, there's about 10 rafts….no exaggeration there. I ask a life guard and he says later he'll have someone else get me a brand new one out of the box when the next shift comes as he can't leave his post. That never happened. Everyone had outside food. Chunks of mulch and bugs floating all over the lazy river, just disgusting. So my kids say Dad, come slide down the water slide with us. These are some great looking water slides, they're long and they're pretty high up. The blue one was awesome, not for someone who has claustrophobia though as it's enclosed.I can't tell you about the yellow one as after I went through the stairwell to get to the top, I almost vomitted and had to go to my hotel to wash my feet. The smell of urine in the enclosed stairwell and the sitting water on each landing (This is 10 am, so I assume it was never cleaned from the day before as the pool opens at 9) was disgusting, the smell got worse and the landing water got deeper as you got to the top. The last landing before the slide level could have been just urine by how strong the smell was. I know little kids pee in the water. But clean the stairwell each day with some bleach and water or other pool cleaning chemicals. Back to the room around 6 for dinner….Washer/dryer still not replaced, AC at 65 now and it's 79 in the room. Call the front desk, remind them they were supposed to switch our rooms and they said they'd send someone over immediately to handle the issues. They did at that time resolve the washer dryer issue. The AC was never fixed. it never got below 77 the rest of the week in the room (we stopped calling that day) there were little bugs that had taken over the kitchen, got in our cereal and any other food left out on the counters or in the cabinets.We called one morning to tell them we were out of TP, papertowels and trash bags. Their response is that they don't deliver, come pick it up. Fine. I ran over that night, several hours later cause we were at a park all day, and I told the manager what we needed and he said he'd make a note and have it sent over. I looked at him and said I am here as I was told you don't deliver. We need TP now please. He said he'd check if they had any and they did. I also mentioned in a last ditch effort that I was still waiting to have my AC fixed. He called maintenance with me standing there right then. They never came. He told me when I was leaving they had already been there and it was fixed. My wife who hadn't left the room sid no one ever came. I got a call the next day while we were at parks asking if our TP, papertowels and garbage bags were delivered and asking how the AC was working. I said to the manager, do you know what we've been through, he siad "Yes. Report it to someone as this place has………just tell who you have to about your issues."

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