4 years ago

There is no people skills, they don't answer the phone but then when they do answer they give you no information about the car you are interested in but tell you to come down like your 5min away. Because of their bad people skill I just had to leave it they make themselves look like cow boy dealers.


5 years ago

I called the Faraday Motor Company to arrange a viewing of a Ford Fiesta for my son, as apparently viewings are by appointment only. I informed the owner of the company that I was traveling all the way from St Albans in Hertfordshire, and that I would have to look elsewhere if he wasn鈥檛 willing to commit to reserving the car for the 3.5 hours it would take me and my son to get ourselves together and make the journey. He seemed quite amiable and agreed to this.

We arrived on time, only for the car not to be in stock. The owner said that when we had the conversation on the phone we had spoken about a Ford Focus, but this was just a lie to cover the fact that he had already sold the car, even when we had made a very clear agreement. I think this man just expects to treat people how he wants with complete impunity, as he immediately turned aggressive when I dared to continue to express my disappointment with the fact that he hadn鈥檛 upheld our agreement. This man aggressed me in front of my 18 year old son and asked one of his employees to escort us off the premises, who I believe must have been a mechanic from his MOT business next door.

As we left the premises, the owner wasn鈥檛 content with the unjust actions he had already taken, and continued to swear at us as we departed. Some of the language was disgusting, but he seemed to relish in using the term 鈥渕isfits鈥?a lot. His final parting comment was that he was a millionaire and didn鈥檛 even need to sell cars to misfit like us, and that I should 鈥渏og on鈥?back to my pathetic terraced house in St Albans.

I often wonder why such a simple thing as going to look at a car made me vulnerable to aggression and humiliation, and I have to remind myself that the majority of people are good, and that this person must have suffered in some way to have such a distorted view of how people should be treated.

I am not writing this review as an act of sour grapes, but because I am genuinely saddened by having such an undignified experience, and hope that no one else has to suffer the same.

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