1 year ago

We are a re-seller that helps Fareharbor.com customers increase their outdoor rental and tour sales by providing marketing and visibility on our platform. We've been working with FH for over 2 years now and every single interaction with them has been nothing less than a 5-star experience every single time. That's now easy to achieve, especially given that they are the biggest in the industry.

Here are some specific reasons for the high rating.
– Dedicated team members that answer any support questions within hours (max)
– The team members are always highly trained and know exactly what they are doing
– Amazing technology that is plug and play, easy to use for not only our outfitters, but also for ourselves as resellers. We receive a dashboard where we can track all of the bookings that we send the shops to increase their sales without requiring any work from the shops. Both us, and Fareharbor, understand that the shops are extremely busy and can't be bothered by technical tasks, they already have enough on their plate. FH has entire teams dedicated to supporting the shops and tour operators, which in turn supports us.

Here is one thing that we are excited to get in the future:
– Ability to share inventory between tours and rentals. Currently, if a shop owner has shared inventory that they would like to use for tours and also for their rental business, there isn't a great way to share the assets.

Thanks for all of your support guys. It truly means a lot to a small business!



1 year ago

The support team is great! They help you when you need it; most of the time very quickly! My account person is always been good and on top of things. And whenever we start a new entity of the business they build good, quality websites, fast. Thanks!


1 year ago

There's only one problem here. I'm limited to 5 Stars.

Fareharbor was able to accommodate our large canoe trip outfitting business with 10 location dashboards and hundreds of options for our customers. It's truly a scaleable piece of brilliant software.

If that wasn't enough their customer service is heads and shoulders above the rest, their "24/7 support team will bend over backward for you to do anything with their software so you don't have to." (This quote just happened to be from a Peek sales rep about Fareharbor, when we were considering who to go with).

We've been 110% satisfied with the service we received around our very complicated and difficult build. Thank you to everyone at Fareharbor who put in a huge effort, you are all wonderful partners.

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