3 weeks ago

I booked a reservation. It was a flight from STL to HRL. It took three attempts before the reservation went through. When it finally did, I was given a confirmation number for the reservation and charged $350. I called my bank to see if the purchase had gone through and they said I was not charged anything.

I called and spoke to customer service, they said they couldn't find the reservation. I was transferred to another person and all of a sudden they found the reservation. But they said the prices were no longer available and it would have to be $485.The representative told me that if I didn't want to pay that much then I could fly American Airlines. I got tired of talking to them and hung up.

I called my daughter and told her what happened. She called FareOGlobe on a three way conversation. When she called (less than ten minutes later), she was told they would charge her $491. Then she told the representative my reservation was confirmed for $350. The rep came back and said the lowest he could go was $435 because that's what Southwest was charging.

My daughter got upset and said she wanted it cancelled. The representative repeatedly asked if he should confirm. Finally, he agreed to cancel. This website is a scam! They say they get away with uncharging tickets because on the confirmation payment page it says prices are subject to change. It doesn't say that on the itinerary. Also, I cancelled my reservation and booked the same flight on Southwest for $385… another lie they are telling you.

Also, I have no doubt the good reviews on their website are fake. When my daughter brought up seeing that there were so many bad reviews, the representative did not skip a beat and knew they had a 3 star rating. The only reason for that is because with every bad review, they have someone leave a five star review so it balances out to a 3-star rating.



8 months ago

Peter was very helpful! And he was able to fix a problem fast. Thanks Peter for all your help!


1 year ago

It was a pleasure talking to the agent. She explained all I needed very pleasant to speak to and answered all the questions I had .


1 year ago

Wonderful agents called 6-7 times to get answer for different questions, all of them provided info with explanation!?


1 year ago

Best experience ever. Had word with george to book my flights, he was patient and gave me a price that I could not find online.
Thank george and Fareglobe.

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