1 year ago

We had these heaters installed last year.They are a nightmare to programme,they dont change time like other electric appliances do when the clocks change,and one actually blew up,singed my new flooring and the company did and said nothing.Luckily we were at home at the time,and also luckily the dog bed wasnt under it at the time as it would have caught fire.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.They also are expensive to run


2 years ago

I have just had these Farho heaters installed my electrician advised me to keep them on 24 hours because they keep a constant temperature only had five heaters on out of nine and after six weeks my electric bill was ten times the amount it should be I managed to rack a 拢1100 bill in six weeks! The electric company rung me to see if I had a swimming pool installed!
These heaters are totally unaffordable don鈥檛 do it!


3 years ago

Farho.co.uk Whilst Farho electric heating is fine when it is working, if it goes wrong the Company would appear not in the least interested. My experience having 11 digital radiators installed was a poor experience. 4 turned out to be faulty and the customer service I received was very poor. Shame really as these are my main source of heating in a large property where no gas etc is available and because of their disinterest when there is a problem I have now reviewed placing another 10 in another property I own. Pity!

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