FarmersOnly Media Inc.

6 months ago

FarmersOnly is a phony site that makes money on auto-renewing people's profiles and unauthorized charges. Anyway, I don't need it anymore, I'm married now. I met my wife on
– my wife is a girl twice younger than me with beautiful body and amiable personality. At first I had my doubts because I could not imagine her live on a farm. But she also grew up in the country and she is easily getting used to it again. She seems happy with me and as for me, I am in seventh heaven.


1 year ago

This site is made to milk money from farmers, after you sign up they
use all tactics and tricks to put you on automatic subscription and renewal and to charge you a full year at once. The worst thing is that they use outdated profiles from Zoosk. I want to be sure that the women I talk to are real so I prefer to use sites like
where I can see them on video and where they can hold a decent conversation and don't all sound the same. There is so much more choice of younger and sexy-looking women for reasonable prices with no tricks with automatic subscription and billing.


3 years ago

Well, I saw an add on the television about this new dating site which I have never heard about. I decided to go on there and check it out and come to find out they already had my email address and they said that I already had an account. That is not true !!! I couldn't obtain a password. They knew my age also. And I tried the site, only to be bombarded with emails. And I can't respond,to anyone, unless I pay. Immediately after I joined Farmers Only, I am getting an email from Zoosk from somebody I have no idea who it is saying that they could not share pictures with me. They said I asked for them. They wanted me to go to another site. I have not been on Zoosk for a year or more. I deleted account. So I am thinking these sites are hacked. BEWARE !!!


4 years ago

They use misleading advertising stating that it is "free." Hardly, when one can't send or receive a message for free. Too, the members presented are suspicious at times. Too, it appears that they actually read outgoing messages. Also, the customer service people are rude.


4 years ago

I use the site a few times a long time agai. Not happy with the site and went through the auto renew cancel. I did and went in my merry way. Months later I get charged. No warning just get charged. I sent them a message and it's nothing but auto responses. I spent over an hour to send them a message told them to even check my activity because there is none. Their response is they clearly tell you about auto renew and how to do it and never got my request. To bad. I would not use this site if I were you. Teririble everything. I have been spreading the word about how bad they are and how they took my money will continue until I have a full refund. This is terrible to take money from innocent people. I will also report to the federal trade commission if I don't have a refund in 24 hours.

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