Farmgirl Flowers

9 months ago

I just received a tulip burlap bouquet that is limp from lack of water. I wish I could upload a picture to show how floppy the tulips are. It's a sad sight. Thankfully, after a day the tulips bounced back and are holding up well. The blooms are a double pink with cream tips, and a double golden orange. I would have given a five but the first day and a half they looked so bad, and that stress means the blooms are already fading after 5 days.


1 year ago

I have used Farmgirl Flowers for bday surprises, Mothers Day, and holiday gifts. Everyone I have ever purchased them for has said they were the most beautiful flower arrangement they had ever received. Seriously worth every cent, their quality is unrivaled, and I will forever be a fangirl of theirs.

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