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There is a reason the one stars and low ratings are legitimate reviews — because they have details to them. NO Stars.

The Farm House Tack Shop uses Signifyd to process credit card transactions online. Judging by online reviews, Signifyd is not that reliable and flags legitimate purchase orders as fraud. If you don't have a social media presence, or had your email compromised — and you will know this by the spam you receive — then Signifyd can't "trace" you and returns a "flag" to your legitimate purchase order. Claire, the employee at The Farm House Tack Shop DEMANDED another email address that could be "traced". She didn't bother contacting the credit card company to ensure that the purchase was legitimate. She just wanted personal data.

Credit card companies are aware that legitimate purchases might be flagged so, they advise merchants to contact them directly. Claire was asked to do this. She refused. Vicky was asked to do this and she also refused. When Vicky was asked to delete the account that was created for the order, she refused. Since they refused to fulfill a LEGITIMATE order, there should be no reason why they wish to hold on to data, unless they want to sell it to a third party. They had already demonstrated their unwillingness to go one inch to resolve a situation by calling the card company. The card company and the Attorney General in SC have been contacted. The AG encourages all consumers to file a complaint.

It's ironic that The Farm House Tack Shop demand callers give up their name and phone number before they can even ask a question and don't answer calls from blocked numbers, yet stingy giving up their own data. Signifyd HC in San Jose, business registered in Delaware and no phone number on their contact page. Vicky refused to give contact information for Signifyd. We obtained it anyways and the interesting thing is that regardless of extension you select, NO ONE picks up the phone. This is the company The Farm House Tack Shop relies on to determine whether your purchase order is legitimate or not. It's such a fraud. ~More Privacy / Consumer Protection Network

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