4 months ago

I have used Farmina now the last 7-8 months, and is really pleased with the food!
I now have 6 dogs, all eating Farmina.
Have had 1 litter since we started with Farmina, and we have never ever had a female in so great condition when having puppies!
All our dogs (and our cat) lives the food, the coat is shiny White, the droppings is reduced and firm, and the dogs is in great conditions!
Highquality food with excellent ingrediences.
Strongly recommend Farmina!


6 months ago

We purchased N&D Quinoa for our cat. We received in a normal amount of time, so all is well. But, between the time I ordered the product and we received, we had a vet appointment. At that appointment, the vet changed the cats diet, and switched him to a completely different product.

So now what. We have the 11 lb. bag of cat food – that wasn't cheap, and can't use it. I sent Farmina and email explaining the situation, and asked if we could return the product. I wasn't expecting much鈥?br />

To my surprise the only question they asked, was whether the product had been opened – which it had not been.

But what they did next, blew me away! They not only approved the return, they covered the cost of shipping, and 鈥?AND, they credited my account immediately! Not a week to 10 days after the return had been received and inspected. But immediately – before I even had a chance to get it packed up, let alone dropped off to the shipper!

Farmina Pet Foods, is a company that knows what customer service is, and values their customers!

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