3 months ago

Never ever fall this company!

They delude you for putting all your money and savings!! Not only this they convince you to take loans and sell things you have like your house or your car or jewellery for the excuse that they will put your money in stocks and they know the market very well.. a guy spoke to me and call himself A VIP account manager!!!

He swears to his clients that they will never lose any penny! In the top of this, they pretend that they have a legal department it's even more rude and shameless than the previous person.. after taken all my money they wanted me to add more money for the excuse that I will retrieve and even make a profit!!! How deceptive is this?!!!!

I was eventually able to get my money back through a chargeback filed by This addr.ess : mycapitalrefund.c鈼媘,with the collaborative effort of an attorney for this case.

I am still planning to escalate this to higher authorities and make a big scene on social media platforms to expose those scammers to the world and protect other people from falling victims!!!

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