3 years ago

Loan Scam

I was contacted via phone by a Brent Sampson of Farmvale Solutions inc. He told me I was approved for a $8000 loan but due to my credit, I needed to put up the first three installments of payment for collateral for a total of $575. I kinda felt like this was a scam so I called their "customer service" and spoke to Todd Bailey. Todd reassured me everything was 100%. I received an email with the "loan contract" signed it and emailed it back with a copy of my ID, bank account info and proof of income. They then had me the Western Union the $575 to a Carlyle Parchment in Florida. The money was collected by them and then they requested another $750 via the Western Union for " insurance" on the loan. I declined and called them out as scam artists in which they became irate and yelled at me. I insisted they send me a refund but to no avail. They are still in operation but will not take my calls.

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