7 months ago

Some years ago this company replaced my house windows and built a conservatory for me. After inspection they had to replace the house windows as none of the large glass panels were kite marked. Concerning the conservatory, it leaked where roof butted up to house wall and around opening windows in roof. Some roof panels, not all, have turned yellow, one they replaced. Gutter support brackets perished within a couple of years resulting in gutter collapse. I called in and complained about this a couple of times, their answer, "Weight of snow caused it?" They gave me a bag of gutter support brackets in a different colour. "Not easy to fit" I pointed out, They promised a person would attend to sort it out. No one came. Eventually I've had to use cable ties connected to what's left of existing support brackets to support the gutter. I cannot recommend this company!


2 years ago

Where do i start ! .
I chose Faroncrown purely off the few positive reviews I found online .
Wayne came around and measured up and offered advise and gave me a quote for the work. That didn't seem too bad.
Then the time came to have the windows & door fitted .
Faroncrown subcontract the work to another company (Anthony Ethces) to fit the windows and doors. This was to be split over 2 days.
They fitted the 1st lot of windows without much issue. However they didn't really clean up after they had finished.
My wife wasn't impressed when she arrived home to find the old windows stacked up on the front lawn with bits of broken glass around .
Then she saw the mess they had failed to clean up inside . Even though we are having further plastering done, we expected it to be cleaner than they had left it.
The old frames were left out for a further 4 days before they returned to replace the front door\canopy and a couple more windows.
This was another problem. They removed 7 bricks from above the door when replacing it and the canopy and left them saying I would need to get a builder in to replace them.
No details of a reliable builder they could recommend was given. They agreed to leave extra tubes of silicone for when the brickwork was put right, but didn't .
Had the usual empty promises of returning with some which never happened. Ended up going to the showroom to be given only 1 tube .
The showroom gave me the number of the builder they use, 2 weeks later.
The Builder (Anthony -not same as fitter) was just as bad . spoke on the phone and said he'd be over in the next few days to have a look. a week later I chased him.
Said he'd be over that day , but as i work nights i said it would have to be before a specific time , also it would be dark then.
He then called to say he couldn't make that evening and would call the day after. He never did. This time he says he forgot. That's his chance blown.
It doesn't end there.
The new door had a crack in it and it had bowed. FaronCrown appeared to wash their hands of it and referred it to the supplier they get them from.
It would seem the old story of they don't care once they've had your money is true.
FaronCrown or their contractors will not be on my recomendation list when anyone else asks me about doors & windows.
Although, the new doors & windows do look nice.

Now this review obviously isn't to the same 5* reviews they display so it may never get published , shame if that happens .


4 years ago

we had a patio door supplied and fitted this involved taking out a door and a small brick pillar and a floor to ceiling window ..
when they fitted the patio door they put a steel plate above the door and under the lintel then put sealer on ..
when it rains hard we get water running in we spoke to faroncrown and they sent a fitter out to see it and all they did was put more sealer on this went on for a few times as there is more silicone sealer on it than b&q stock..then one of the catch / guides started to come loose again we notified them and there fitter just rammed in a large self tapper screw..
the other weekend we had a good rainfall and the water was again running in above the door..
as we have had a builder to look at this they tell us it needs the steel plate taking out and a rain deflector fitting in the cavity ? then new brick work and as faroncrown are no longer fensa regulated we have had to put an insurance claim in..
so in all take it as you like but i will not use faroncrown again ever..
oh and we will have to decorate the dining room again due to the problem…

well an update
the insurance will not payout for the bad work ..it looks like we will have to pay for the work to be done..
spoke to faroncrown and they are not interested…but i will call in again to see what they are going to do about it..

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