5 years ago

Scammers Using the Business Name Faro Supply Co.

Scammers Using the Business Name Faro Supply Co. I have submitted a lot of resumes lately, Posers Kaz Ekman and Eva Moberg found me. I did part and supply ordering for my previous employer, so naturally I thought it was a real and legitimate job opportunity. I was to order office equipment with my credit card(s) and pay them off with there bank account, the payments started getting "returned for insufficient funds".
I'm into them on my cards for almost $30,000. Some credit cards have fraud protection, notify your card company(s) if you have not already done so. Call your local authorities immediately. I don't know if the scammers are using a legitimate company as a front or if the whole thing was a set-up.


5 years ago

Used my credit cards for scam

Farosupply contacted me for a chain supply manager position. after some training they gave me a bank account to pay off my credit cards debts so I could use them again for business. after I did that they called my cards company and took the money back out telling them there were unauthorized payment. never heard from them anymore.


5 years ago

Fraud they want computers from you

They called me to say I have got the job for supply manager, they also told me I will be training from home and after 4 months I will be promoted for full time. Please stay away from this site. They also gave me back accounts to pay my credit cards which were bank accounts.


5 years ago

Wanted to use credit card for hiring position

Faro had a job on internet which was for a Supply Mgr. position. Once the email went far enough they wanted credit card numbers to make deposits for my payroll and an account to charge for purchases. When I told them I would open a checking account for deposit only they never contacted me again.

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