1 year ago

Great caf茅 in a cozy atmosphere!


1 year ago

Reserved a table but we were delayed because of problems with train cancellations. Phoned ahead to say we would be 30 minutes late – could they keep the table or should I cancel our reservation knowing we would be so late. Was told not to worry, they would keep the table for me. Arrived at the restaurant to be told that they don鈥檛 keep tables…. I explained I had phoned ahead but they couldn鈥檛 have cared less. We were turned away, they didn鈥檛 even try to find another table.
This experience has totally put me off of ever going back. Not worth it.


2 years ago

Customer service was non-existent. Not a hint of smile in their faces, as they simply looked bored in their job. I had to go up to the counter and ask the bored staff for the menu. When guests left a corner table, the staff cleared the table, and I moved so I can be next to the window. The staff only cleared the table but did not even wipe it. Spilled water and crumbs were all over.
My Danish friend ordered the potato dish and she said the potato was cold. She ordered 忙bleskiver and it obviously was the frozen supermarket kind as it was dry and still cold in the middle.
A small marmalade-size jug of bubbly water costed 30 kroners!

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