5 years ago

The software is called DriveClone, it takes your hard drive and makes an exact mirrored image of it onto another drive even a large USB thumb drive or external HD. It is free for personal use and right now with so many people upgrading or thinking about upgrading to Win 10.
It is especially useful, as if you are not happy with Win 10 or you do not think it is quite ready for public release, which it is not yet IMO then for a small investment in another drive you do not have to worry about reverting back to your previous version of windows and whether or not all your programs, settings and personal data will be saved.
You just por your other drive back in and try again once they have worked the bugs out.
it is quite easy to use, free you can not beat that and I have worked with a lot of similar paid programs that DriveClone is far better than.So really what do you have to lose? if you like Win 10 then you have a good back up of all your data stored on a different drive which you can keep in a different location so you do not have to worry about theft, fire etc. I highly recommend them based on one very nice free for personal use software, I expect they have a bright future if they code this well.

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