7 months ago

Worst service in the world.
Had ordered 3 fine bracelets.
Paying nicely for each.
And it鈥檚 been stuck in customs for over than 2 months, I have spoken over than 15 costumer support agents. Some Indian some European, due to the vendor unable to provide gemological certificate for item. Which makes me doubt. Is it even real what they are selling there?
I have requested to refund me the money. Since I am not interested in waiting 2 months.
And they won鈥檛 refund.
So my recommendation don鈥檛 trust.


1 year ago

I tried to buy an item online, which I actually found on Fartech鈥檚 website. After trying to place the order many times, first the order was going through until suddenly I started getting an error message. I tried a number of times with no luck.
I phoned the customer service number and was advised that the item was out of stock although it was still showed as available online. The customer representative said that they didn鈥檛 have my size in stock while she also provided a VERY poor explanation about why the item would still show available while it wasn鈥檛.
I wouldn鈥檛 recommend Fartech and personally I will not shop with them anymore despite being a customer.

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