2 years ago

Sadly been very dissatisfied with Fashion Nova. My last order is yet to arrive 29 days later.
No response from customer service! My last order was also delayed.

Definitely not worth my time ordering from here.


2 years ago

1st order I paid $200 for items that I never for over 2wks… and waited another few wks before I got my refund! If u live in the states I think it鈥檚 perfect to buy from them but everywhere else… it鈥檚 tricky.



3 years ago

Their clothes are nice . But their customer service NEVER answers . So make sure you get the right size, because I don't trust returning to companies that don't answer.
Also, they say their clothes are stretchy, but they aren't. It's either true to size or tighter than the size since they are made in China.
Also it's not worth it for Canadians. They ship their item from Concord but yet still takes two weeks to get to you.


4 years ago

The items look exactly like the picture and they make ur curves look SO good!

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