6 years ago

A SCAM!!!!
They have another site which also


7 years ago

First want you to be aware that there is other similar site named Asia fashion wholesale instead. When I did research before ordering, AfW site was the only one coming up got me confused with the name similarity and because I liked the items on went there and i placed order $500 worth items. I was worried that they were ONLY taking money wire but cause I saw the reviews of the other site Asia fashion wholesale the name got me confused and took a chance.

After I make the order, they update the order as they processing it and couple days later it's shipped. Well it's 2 months now, they already delet my account from the site and i didn't get my order. When I went back online and do my research I realize that both site names are different. Am not sure if AFW is legit or not. But stay away from it's scam website. actually if you buying anything online and they don't take PayPal or credit card know that it's probably scam website.

I wasn't able to find any info regarding online, hopefully this will help someone from making similar mistake.

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