2 years ago

I strongly advise everyone to avoid making any purchases THROUGH the website fashionblackjacket.

The Online Store seams legitimate, but its fraudulent and a scam. They feature major clothing brands, the product images and product descriptions are pretty convincing.

I made a Cole Haan shoe purchase in British pounds. Once I got the order confirmation did fashionblackjacket inform me that the purchase amount would be charged in Chinese currency (CNY). Once I got that message did I realize that the website was a scam.

Below some is some of the information I received with the invoice that also raised immediate reed flags.

鈥?Due to the foreign exchange rate, the amount displayed on your statement might be a little bit different from the real price.
鈥?Please note "FHT*PEMRY ELC" will be displayed on your credit card statement instead of the website from which you purchased the mentioned product. It's just used for sending bill statement by the seller's payment processor as a tool.

After finding out it was all cheat then I wrote a message fashionblackjacket through my account on their website. A couple of days later did I receive an email from someone named Emily who contacted me from this email "emilyservice at gmail". I did some online investigation and quickly found out that this was a common used email account other people had bad experiences with. It鈥檚 a fraudulent and phony account and its utilized and associated with multiple scam websites.

Last but not least. I have received the parcel with the 鈥淐ole Haan鈥?shoes. They were placed directly in the shipping bag without invoice copy or any other paperwork. The shoes are laughable, they are all plastic; they do not even resemble the original Cole Haan shoe the slightest. The shoes looks ridiculous, period. Yes, I have been scammed – and the Cole Haan brand is being abused together with many other brand names by fashionblackjacket.


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