1 year ago

We received a "free belt" in a small package with no invoice but not the pants we had ordered and paid for. I raised the issue through Paypal after several attempts to contact Fashioncamila direct. Fashioncamila claimed the pants were delayed due to christmas we ordered 30 November so we waited they changed their story after several weeks of waiting saying the item had already been shipped and received – yes, the free belt on the same order number but not the pants. Unfortunately Paypal supported their scam so we lost our money. Stay away from them – I've seen the pants on other sites and suspect they stole the images from them and passed them off as their own product.


1 year ago

Unfortunately I ordered for christmas as my daughter's friend made referral and said she ordered from there before. I should have known better thus losing my funds now as didn't go through paypal. Nobody is there anymore. I could tell right away scam when I got email as looked non-legit and no answer to emails. We need to learn better especially today so my own fault 🙁


1 year ago

I didn't get my order. I ordered on November 7th and still got no shipping mail. They don't reply to my emails. I'm now in contact with PayPal to get my money back. Do not buy there


1 year ago

Probably fake: Material copied from other pages. e.g. le-happy (A .com fashion blog)
Multiple .com sites are very much alike
– undaylily
– logfans
– keyfancy
– beauticloth
– fashioncamila
– alytravel
– jojosummer
– valentall
– petalrise
– jessson
– inchictime

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