1 year ago

as per the earlier review, I give this 1 star only so I cam amke a comment. Also like the earlier review the goods were never received and the charge was more than agreed – double whammy !!!


1 year ago

I would not give this so called company even 1 star!!! I saw an add on facebook it quoted selling via the Daily Express, the item looked looked like a lovely leather tote bag called The Downton tote bag.It said it was a British company, and even had positive reviews from people who were supposed to have bought them.I am sure thousands if not millions will have seen this add.

The item was 拢14.95 a so called bargain NOT !!!!! I placed my order in March 19 and instantly got a confirmation. Weeks went by then another saying because of the overwhelming demand my bag was delayed. Weeks went by then i asked what was happenig with my purchase, only to be told it was on its way and because of thd delay would send me 2 bags .By now i am thinking this is odd and this is coming from China .Well in may ,although you can not now get a contact i sent one from the original email ordering , I told them I was non too happy , contacting facebook plus the fraud squad!

I have now given up , changed all my cards at the bank and put it down to hard luck .so be warned ,I wish there was some public wayvof shaming these theives .

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