9 years ago

They are thieves. I order a pair of pradas from them in december of 2010. I never received anything. I've emailed those theives about fourty times and got two emails promising a refund, it is now a year later and I am yet to receive my refund for $139.


10 years ago

This site is a SCAM!. Do NOT purchase anything from this site. I do not know if they sell fake shoes or not, but I do know they will take your money and not send you anything. Their website says they will ship your item between 3-6 days. It has almost been a month since I bought some Prada shoes and I have not received anything. They will take your money and send you a phony confirmation email. They do not have any contact information other then an e-mail address, and e-mailing them will get you nowhere as they do not respond to you. Their "online" support is never on and they don't have a phone number. BEWARE of this site. Its a FRAUD!!!

-Scammed Customer.


10 years ago

well i bought 2 pair of shoes from i've read many complaints about the site but since i
saw that they sell the shoes i wanted at a very good price i decided to take my chances. they did not
deliver my shoes at the time they promise on their site. it's written that they deliver orders between
2-6 days but it took 18 days to receive my shoes. this made me upset of course i wrote them after 14
days asking for a refund but they replied to me n said that due to some delivery problems they are
facing now there would be a delay for few days. anyway i got my shoes after 20 days with a gift
(wallet) for late delivery. i really don't hav any idea if they are authentic or not but i must admit
they look fine. to sum up thumbs up for fashiondrops.


11 years ago

These people are selling FAKE fashion shoes. They have been around for a while but beware. If you ever purchased a pair of official Prada shoes then you would notice that the material on the real ones are not the same as the material on the shoes from Fashiondrops. If you've never owned a pair of official Prada shoes then you'd never know. But you can go to and actually see the difference in their shoes. Fashiondrops has got to be a knock-off of this site (hense the name similarity).

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