3 years ago

There is NO customer service at this store. I have never gotten an answer to a phone call and email or any other means of attempting to contact
Their outgoing voicemail says hours of operation are mon-fri 9-5. You will not get an answer to a phone call during those hours. As someone who has been involved in internet retail since the beginning, Internet Retail Is Open 24/7, this store is not worth the frustration, save yourself time and anger, it would only be wasted.


6 years ago

I am well acquainted with ordering fabric online, and the pros and cons of doing so. The customer service from this company was so atrocious, I never got past the ordering process. I placed an order for 24 yards of fabric, and they were short 2 yards. Seeing that I was ordering fabric for matching garments, I obviously had to change the whole order. I asked the representative if she had a couple others available; more than one because I had to contemplate a suitable replacement once (Paula) told me that my original order was was 2 yards short.


7 years ago

Poor customer service. They sent the wrong item, refused to admit it. Only gave a partial refund. The fabric ordered was dry clean only. The fabric sent was machine wash and dry. Clearly not the same fabric. They gave me a real hard time. I talked with them back and forth for a month and got no satisfaction.


11 years ago

Billed credit card and then shipped order two weeks later. Shipping was listed as a 1 week delivery timeframe. Between order date, billing date, and expected delivery it will take approximately 3 weeks to receive the order. Web site states there maybe a 3 to 4 day delay for bridal fabric orders thereby slowing shipping time. Sigh…

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