6 months ago

The worst customer support I ever got! Delivery confirmed for a given time never arrived. Message only reader "not deliverable". Called support to ask where my package is. They told me it was not in the delivery truck – was it forgotten? 1,5 hour later only 1 package out of 2 came… Status update shows: delivered, with 1 package still missing and no instructions! Terrible service and no reliable follow up


7 months ago

I always like the shopping experience at Fashionforhome. The delivery always works great.


8 months ago

Very efficient and easy ordering.


9 months ago

Just great, overview & presentation of products, great choice and price


3 years ago

Have waited for 18 weeks, shipments not delivered, and no response from the customer service!!!

Placed the order for a dinning table and a coffee table (for over 2000 Euro) on Dec. 29, 2016, and after 18 weeks they are not delivered yet. The customer service does not reply my email after they sent one email to postpone the delivery to 16 weeks, and the service hotline gives no response.

1. Not delivered!
The regular deliver time is 12 weeks. Then, after contacting the customer service the delivery time was postponed to 16 weeks. Now it has been 18 weeks and still got nothing.

2. Poor customer service
After 12 weeks I placed the order, I received an email from them that the delivery will be postponed to 16 weeks. After 16 weeks I sent two emails to inquire the status of the shipment — no response! Then I tried to call the customer service hotline, they kept forwarding the call to the other colleagues, and everyone on the phone said that they are not the responsible person and cannot give a solution!! WOW!! What kind of customer service is that!!! Till now I have no idea what happened to my order!

3. Making delivery appointments without delivering!!
Their contractor furniture transport company, Rhenus Home Delivery GmbH, have made the delivery appointments with me for three times. Neither did they show up nor have they contacted me to cancel the appointments. Their response is simply that, "Please contact Fashionforhome/Home24. We haven't received the shipments from them yet". So the question arises: Why the company make delivery appointments before they receive the shipments? And, if they don't have the shipments, couldn't they at least cancel the appointment such that I can go back to office, instead of waiting at home for the whole day, and for three times!!!

To anyone who read this review, please, learn the lesson and keep yourself out of the trouble.

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