1 year ago

we order Combo of 3 Fashionable Style Slim Fit Shirts but i received entirely low and another quality shirts very disappointed


2 years ago

Christina Houride is a sorry excuse for a business woman and thief . I share all the sentiments of all the people reviewing it . Just like others I have been ripped of . a thousand excuses and emails but orders never arrived and since January she has gone awol with peoples money . Well I have written mine off, no one can get rich by robbing others so enjoying spending all the stolen money Christina


2 years ago

I personally believe this company has gone bankrupt or closed. I don't feel they were a scam initially. But what a pity. Over the last year 2017 I purchased some quality items from the site. Koucla Jeans they are beautiful and I love them; in particular they were roughly R1500 each. Everything arrived over separate orders roughly after a month. I then purchased another pair which was very late to arrive. Then never did. After numerous excuses and no reply. Contact numbers are now no longer in existence. I have written them off but of course annoyed at the expence


3 years ago

My situation is not unique at all reading the other reviews! I ordered items in September 2017, when the delivery finally arrived it was the wrong products or some products didn't arrive at all. After numerous back and forth communication I was told that i will receive a refund. Excuse after excuse lead to my willing patience to run out completely and when I started demanding my refund which is my right as consumer, the whole FashionHub vanishes. No answer to emails, no contact number that works anymore. So my question is, do they exist anymore? If not, what action can be taken from consumers (as there seem to be quite a lot of us with the same issue – THEFT AND FRAUD)?


3 years ago

The first time I placed an order with Fashionhub, I received a wrong size, and the quality of the dress was so poor. Sometime last year I made another order, nothing was delivered and when I enquired I was given long stories which didn't make any sense to me, after waiting for quite a long time, I decided to cancel my order and I requested a refund. I sent my banking details on 21 December 2017 and I was informed I will receive payment after 21 days, today it is the 14th of February 2018 and I have received nothing, no response to emails I have been sending…….and the landline I used to call is now disconnected. What is the meaning of all this????


3 years ago

Seems so many people who placed orders the last half of 2017 have been abandoned… where are FASHION HUB now?
Christina and Sam have disappeared, no replies and answers.

You should be ashamed of yourselves


3 years ago

Contacted Christina on numerous occasions regarding my purchase.
Was told that they have Customs Clearance problems. Still awaiting my refund for purchases not received since Sept 2017.Now their telephone is disconnected and Christina does not respond to my emails. S T A Y A W A Y F R O M THIS SITE


4 years ago

I just want to thank Christina for the amazing assistance and styling advice she has given me for purchasing from Fashionhub, She has learnt and helped us with what my wife's style is and what would be perfect for her. I do not mind waiting 14 – 21 working days as I deal with customs myself and there is no way of getting around this for any company. THANKS for your great help.


4 years ago

I've ordered 2 bikini's from Fashion Hub on 1 March 2016. Delivery according to the site was supposed to take 14-21 days.

On numerous occassions I contacted Fashion Hub – Christina Hourides to be more spesific (never came across a person more unfit to do her job) to find out why I don't hear anything from them or receive my parcel.

On 1 April , after throwing all off my toys from the cot – I did receive one off the bikini's.

With no explanation as to where the other bikini is. or how long I will have to wait for it.

A few weeks later I did finally receive the second bikini. Which was to big for me. As the sizing as per website and the actual sizes did not agree.

I made arrangements with Christina in order to pick up the parcel for exchange. Needless to say – the parcel was not picked up on the date she promise it would.

It did not suprise me at all since I haven't received a single day of good service from her.

The parcel was however picked up on the next day.

Since 15 April I did not hear a word from Fashion Hub and got no response on my emails on Christina.

On 4 May I contacted Christina again – due to the fact that I still have not heard from her since 15 April 2016.

On that day a mirical happend and she replied to my mails. She stated that we will be looking at deliver the next week (9-15 May).

I asked her to provide me with the tracking details as soon as the parcel was dispatched. Obviously she did not reply AGAIN.

Today is 23 MAy 2016 and I still have not yet received my parcel which I've ordered on 1 March 2016.

I've asked them for a refund today – let's see if I will hear from them during the next month. Probably not, but let's see.

I will never ever buy anything from Fashion Hub again and will spread the word as far as I go to prevent others from making the same mistake I did by ordering from them.

They are a disgrace to all online shopping site and should be ashamed of themselves.


6 years ago

Didn't have a good experience shopping from this site. Bought a few items impressed by the variety in style as well as the 'cheap' prices advertised. Finstall, the delivery took well over 2 months. It was incomplete, I.e they had not sent all the items ordered. The quality of the clothes was very poor and not at all what I had expected. Certainly did not compare to the catalogue on their site. I remember thinking that someone was probably trying to reproduce what you see on sites like jollychic or rosewholesa from their own backyard and that someone had a long way to go before they could reach that high standard.
The communication was bad throughout. It was like no one was following up on the order. I felt for having to nag them week after week. I returned the items back to them and soon got my refund, which is the only reason I'm giving them a 2 star rating else, they would be getting a one.

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