7 years ago

I bought two leather bag from this website ,for my father and boyfriend.Both of them have a good feedback about their bag,the quality is really great.And I needn't pay any custome charge,that is very important,during international trade,sometimes the tax buyer paid is even higher than the product.But during my two shopping experience,I have needn't pay any other fee,just the product .


7 years ago

The above reviewer is correct.

I was about to order a hard-to-find style boots from the site, but the prices struck me odd and I was hoping for high quality product.

Reading up on the company, they are straightforward that they are China based, but all of the seals at the bottom of their site are forged, because they do not link back to each security website and are simply images that make the website seem legitimate.

On further searching, I found the same items on ebay from Chinese sellers for half the prices.

I'm sure if you order something, it will actually come in the mail and be wearable, at least for a time. But you really want to do business with a company that isn't jerking your chain at one point or another.

Also, please be very wary of the above reviews. They are written in questionable English with similar tones and word choices, and I get the suspicion that there are members of the company or hired reviewers that find sites like this and puff the company reputation back up.


7 years ago

I think fashionimms is a good shop,I boutht two leather messenger bags on this website,the quality is really high,in my country,you can 't find such good procust at that price.The delivery is also very fast,they ship my order one days later,after I placed,and arrived in 16 days ,I can accept this.
But this shop mainly sell women鈥榮,that is not so good for me.


7 years ago

It is a Chinese website,to be honest,I like buy clothes from China.The price is really low,isn't it?I have bought two bandage dress and one fur coat on Fashionimms,high quality and fast delivery ,I have nothing to complain but to recommend.Good shop!My dress have arrived and I am still waiting my fur coat,can鈥榯 wait to

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