6 years ago

No reply to emails and seems too good to be true.

My boyfriend ordered me 3 pairs of Jeremy Scott high tops for my birthday from………I was over the moon because they can't be found anywhere else it seems. While waiting on a tracking number email we thought it was just an error due to shipping labels and previous experiences we have had in delays however it's been a while and if we had gotten a reply of any sort that would be reassuring. I searched "fashion kick shop fake site?" To find that it is a high risk site because it's over seas and only been established since November of last year. Also stated that due to these circumstances it's not dare to order from them. I'm beyond disappointed and he is out roughly $350.00 we are starting a letter of complaint in attempt to get our money back. I'm informing you to merely prevent anyone else from going through this situation also to prevent these people from scamming online.

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