8 years ago

I purchased extensions from this website and they were of ok quality. Not a very fast shipping though.


8 years ago

Don't buy anything from this site!

Horrible costumer service! She packs the wrong item. Making bad excusses, telling me its usps fault. I spent about 20 dollars calling her from denmark! Not once did she call me.
I wrote her tons of mails it took her days to write back – or not at all (before the problems she answered right away)!!!!
She kept on making excusses. Chancing plans all the time.
3 and a half month, 138 mails and 43 (more) dollars later i got my item!
She dont care about her costumers at all. We made a deal about me sending the wrong item back to her, and when she got the tracking number (19 dollars!!) she would sent me my item.
As soon as i told her that the item was sent and gave her the number she changed plans and waited for the package to come to her. Then she waited another 3 weeks to sent my item!!!!!

I had to threaten her with paypal and police everytime i wanted her to write back on an e-mail. Not even ones did the rich witch from l.a with louis vuitton and chanel bags offer the poor student to cover all her expenses.

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