7 months ago

Definitely wouldnt recommend this company Avoid at all cost


1 year ago

One of the item delivered was not the one I ordered. They recommended with a replacement with charge, which I acceded. The new delivered item was correct but broken. They recommended again to ship a new one with a charge? I didnt accept. It was supposed to be a gift…


2 years ago

This wig is Amazing from the company!!! At first I was nervous about buying this wig because so many wigs sold online have their pictures really photo shopped, and because of it being blonde I was afraid it was going to be shiny and look unreal. However I have to say this is the best synthetic wig ever, the quality of the hair is so realistic and It looks like real hair.It does tangle a little bit, but come on it's not real hair, just keep a little comb in your purse and comb it every once and awhile. The hair is really thick and is nice and long, plus its a pretty color. Recommend it.

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