2 years ago

I will never order from this place never receive my order thanks to pay pal I got my money back listen well learn. bad business. BAD COMPANY


4 years ago steals images from other retailers and they make a horrific counterfeit copy of the image is able to sell garments so cheap because they use toxic fabrics. The dyes used in these cheap garments are made with cancer prone dyes. These dyes are ban in the western world, though China has no regulation or restrictions. I test garments for a living, don't put your health at risk. You should only buy from reputable retailers and not a cheap Chinese knock offs site.


4 years ago

鈥淎mazing鈥?- The boots are amazing very well made and fit beautifully, also shopping through runway catalog made the experience so much better this company is amazing! I thought my boots where lost with the USPS but they assured me i would be receiving them shortly and something the post office forgets to scan between trips they answered all my phone calls and were very kind to work with! Highly recommended.

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