1 year ago

I got a Suspended cake stand from Saida, it was a dream come true, the cake stand went viral the same night of my wedding, it was 36" Inches diameter with pure crystals, and Aurora Borealis crystal, the stand was mention on Yahoo, Fox, on a magazine in England and in Australia. She is amazing, she win with that stand, the biggest cake stand in USA


3 years ago

We have ordered 11 piece wedding cake stand and paid $339 for it. The money was taken from our account immediately. We waited for 3 weeks and have heard nothing about this order. Called the proprietor Saida and complained – she promised to send the wedding cake stand within days. We called again – her message box is full ( I wonder why) – all these poor customers that were stood up! We sent the text message to her phone and told her that we would take her to court for lost business. She sent the message back that she is not afraid of courts m- again I wonder why. Don't waste your time and money dealing with this business.

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