7 years ago

I ordered the voucher for my friend's Christmas present and so I paid extra for the gift box (拢2.99) for that reason. The bracelet is definitely not worth the 拢129 they state and the gift box arrived bashed and dented and it is literally just a rubbish plain cheap box – I could have made something better myself! I have tried to contact then and no reply – GoGroopie are going to try for me next. I doubt they will be refunding my box or sending me a new one.

I am very disappointed.


7 years ago

I Wowchered 3 bracelets RRP 拢[email protected] 拢12 each. At checkout I paid 拢4.99 PP each.
Only 2 arrived. There us no phone contact with Customer Services, only a faulty email. I contacted Wowcher who over 8 weeks have sent in excess of 7 emails. All ignored !!!!! Wowcher have only a mobile number for Fasgion Revenge which is never answered.
Wowcher have returned the 拢12 and the 拢4.99 pp which Fashion Revenge has kept!
The Bracelets are cheap rubbish. What if I had paid full price!! Rubbish goods. Rubbish company! Steer well clear.


7 years ago

I spent 拢129 on a leather bracelet which looked amazing in the photos and when I eventually received it it was just tat. Really really poor quality, bracelet was not worth 拢10 never mind 129!

I complained via their website as they have no contact number and have heard nothing.

This was supposed to be a gift for a friend and it is such poor quality I do not want to give it to her.

Very, very disappointed!


7 years ago

This bracelet is advertised as being reduced from 拢129 so you would assume it is of a certain standard however it was just the cheapest piece of tat. They do not advertise an address or a phone number so I assume this is a scam designed to rip off voucher holders as all their products ask for a voucher discount code. Even though the Wowcher price was only 拢12, this item couldn't possibly be worth even half that amount and add to that the delivery fee which was around 拢6 for something that weighed next to nothing. Fashion Revenge have not replied to any of my emails other than the initial one to give me a return address which Royal Mail haven't succeeded in delivering to. I've cc'd in Wowcher to all my correspondence and have been ignored by them too.

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