3 years ago

fashion support exchange is a scam

As a reward, I was offered a watch for only $6.99 shipping. Then a couple weeks later I was billed $99.98. When I called they said I had subscribed to getting a trial watch every month. I never agreed to that. Their website is not the one I saw when accepting their offer of a free "reward" watch. I called and they offered me a 25% discount then a 50% discount. I said this was fraud and a scam and they said it would cost me big time to dispute. A couple days later a credit for $49.99 showed up on my cc statement. I want the other $49.99 back. This is just a rip-off. And the "free" watch was not any good. They said I could not send back since the 2-week window had expired. Ugh!


3 years ago

Was charged for a watch I didn't order and enrolled in monthly subscription I didn't enroll in.

Got a watch in the mail. Was out of town. When I called once back in town weeks later, I was told I couldn't return it and that I was enrolled in a monthly subscription for more goods. I asked where this information was given because it didn't come with a bill or explanation/information about returning it, she said it was in the fine print on the website (which apparently doesn't exit. I asked to be unenrolled in the subscription but was told I couldn't return the watch.


3 years ago

Gift scam

After service or issue with Comcast, I was offered a gift I could select from several items. I chose a purse…it was free so I thought. No where did I agree to paying for it.
It was an offer. So I chose one purse so was not surprised when it came. Yesterday I received another purse. That's when I realized something wasn't legit. Called the number on my package slip and they agreed to stop the order. I would have continued to receive purses at $99.98 per month! They suggested I visit a website for further action, www.fashionsupport
Contact info on the return slip is:
Shipping Manager
Style Works
535 Griswold St., Suite #111-912
Detroit, MI 48226
Customer Service 1-844-898-1642

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